Yana Surf Reaches Agreement

For Immediate Release

Yana Surf Reaches Agreement with Former Associate

Lake Oswego, OR – January 18, 2016 – Yana Surf and its CEO Wilson Zehr have reached an agreement with Jorge Guzman that releases Yana from all legal liability regarding a dispute initiated by Mr. Guzman arising from the sale of certain assets to Yana Surf. The dispute is fully and completely resolved and all associated legal claims. There will be no further pending or future litigation or liability between the parties. This agreement will allow the parties to pursue their future endeavors independently and without hindrance.

Yana CEO Wilson Zehr is particularly gratified to see the issues resolved, and wishes his former associate all future success. “We hold no ill will towards Jorge or his team,” Zehr says. ”He did what he thought was right based on the facts as he understood them. But I think we are all on the same page now.”

The Yana team remained optimistic as the issues were being resolved. “Staying positive, believing that everyone had the best of intentions, and trusting in the people involved finally paid off,” Zehr says. “If you have good people involved, you can usually work things out. In this case, we did.”

Now, the Yana team is focused on serving its core clientele of environmentally-conscious surf enthusiasts and achieving greater success in 2016. As Zehr puts it, “Our supporters know who we are and what we represent — doing good and saving the planet one beach at a time.”

About Yana Surf

Since its founding in 2013, Yana Surf has been bringing the ancient tradition of balsa surfboard craftsmanship to today’s surfing world. Yana employs a uniquely-qualified team of shapers, designers and artists from all over the world to create one-of-a-kind wave-riding implements that are also works of art. Their products are endorsed and ridden by some of the most prominent figures in the surfing world. Yana also offers a line of apparel and accessories that capture its nature-friendly ethos — stylish, casual, practical, and beautiful.

Contact: 800-525-6731, [email protected].


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