Gabi Surf Poster

$14.95 $7.95

This display quality poster (suitable for framing) that is 19″ x 27″.  Printed in brilliant full color on heavy weight recycled 80lb poster stock with matte finish.  We can also arrange for a personal autograph from Gabi by special request.

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Yana Surf is proud to present the Gabi surf poster with a custom balsa wood surfboard from Yana Surf – our two favorites!  You will be the envy of your friends and office mates sporting one of these on the wall.  Show everyone how much you appreciate surfing, the planet, and all it has to offer!


43 reviews for Gabi Surf Poster

  1. Mercedes Lopez

    Thank you for your offer.

  2. Mercedes Lopez

    Awesome! love the poster!

  3. Vilma echemendia

    Hermoso. Very good

  4. Rosella Husted

    I really love the Gabi Surf Poster!

  5. Janine Ruvalcaba


  6. Janine Ruvalcaba

    Very nice

  7. brandon


  8. Sunshine (verified owner)

    The poster looks awesome. I can’t wait to get my free copy and proudly display it.

  9. nancy hilton

    love it

  10. dominique

    I love everything about the water and that surf board makes it look very exciting. The perfect model isn’t a bad thing neither.

  11. Carolyn

    Youth is beautiful with a surf board.

  12. Denise Teuscher

    Great poster. Great board. Pretty girl

  13. Dude


  14. rickyy

    very nice

  15. Carlos Gonzalez

    Well done.

  16. Carlos Gonzalez

    Good execution.

  17. Darrell Howell

    for you to reach out and give these posters away should prove that you stand buy your product and we shouldbe thankful enough to research your buissiness and hopefull do buissiniss. thank you

  18. vivin duffourc (verified owner)

    smokin’ hot body

  19. elfette

    love the vintage look

  20. steven schaedel


  21. steven schaedel


  22. diane leger

    i like to receive one… please

  23. William desell

    Nice poster

  24. William desell

    Nice poster she nice

  25. Ruben

    love this poster.

  26. kenny moore

    Great poster

  27. kenny moore

    Great Poster please send

  28. michael regorrah

    Very good photography, and product,



  30. Les Flannery

    I think the poster is very well put together, and the girl is beautiful

  31. william bashore

    Surf’s Up…Can’t Wait To Hang This Poster…Thanks!

  32. gwen barker

    I think this is a beautiful poster and would love to have one thank you very much

  33. Rena Ho-Kwan


  34. Christine Smith

    Very nostalgic

  35. Christine Smith

    Great quality and would love a authentic signature please.

  36. Emma Dunning

    The best poster ever.

  37. Emma Dunning

    Best ever

  38. Jay Star

    Thanks for the poster offer!

  39. Kelly Brown

    Beautiful poster I’d love one for my son.

  40. James Chambless

    Beautiful girl; beautiful poster !

  41. Wesley John Merritt III


  42. Ron Snyder

    love the graphics

  43. Daniel (verified owner)

    Tolles Poster!! Hübsches Girl ^^ vielen Dank
    Nice Poster! prety Girl ^^ Thanks a lot

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