Bob Williams

For photographer Bob Williams, people are the ideal subjects, and nature the perfect backdrop. Whether he’s shooting a new music act or scouting for an elite fashion agency, Bob uses his camera to tell stories. That pursuit takes him from his studio in Eugene, Oregon to exotic places around the globe. We’re lucky to have snagged him for Yana Surf.
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Chris Hotz

Designer Chris Hotz comes from the world of action sports—skateboarding in particular. And, he’s hardcore. You want proof? He’s been bitten by a shark and struck by lightning. Nemo Design, the firm he founded, has launched successful campaigns for numerous national brands, and is still going strong. He lives in Portland with his wife Gretchen and their son Eero (Arrow).
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Dan Gilsdorf

Elusive and mysterious as their creator, Dan Gilsdorf’s artworks have graced galleries from Portland to New York, Los Angeles and beyond. He works in a staggering variety of media—including the human body. But don’t expect to get a Dan Gilsdorf tattoo anytime soon. He’s not taking appointments—unless you catch him on one of his rare visits to town. Then you could get lucky.
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Eugene Good

As a lead designer with Nemo Design, Eugene Good embodies the unique culture of Portland: young, innovative, freewheeling and smart. He sometimes abandons the computer screen for his next-favorite pastime: whittling. Meanwhile, he works regularly with major national brands like Coca Cola, Coors, Nike, Converse, Burger King, Kawasaki—and, of course, Yana Surf.
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Jan Meininghaus

He grew up in Germany, but loved American pop culture: ”Comics, movies, crime stories and outlaws, cars and machines, strong women … and rock music.” Jan Meininghaus began his career creating T-shirt designs and album covers for local bands. That led to the paintings and mixed media works that now appear on fashion apparel and film posters throughout the world.
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Kristi Kranz

“… Stuff just slips down from the universe, through me, and onto my silk.” That’s how Kristi Kranz describes her experience in reviving the art of hand-painted silk. Her works include framed pieces, Shoji screens, hand-painted kimonos and much more. In all of it, Kristi celebrates the images of natural beauty that surround her in Hawaii: the flowers, the sea, the women, the colors …
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Lorenzo Di Mauro

If you’re not familiar with Lorenzo’s name, you’ve almost certainly seen his work. He began his career illustrating comics and creating pinup art. Now he works mainly in digital media, producing Internet animations, CD ROMs, and digital paintings. He’s become a valuable asset to publishers, film companies, fashion agencies and ad agencies around the world.
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Roger Seliner

If you’ve followed skateboarding during the last 30 years, you know Roger Seliner’s name. But he’s also a renowned artist who uses the human body as his canvas. Roger’s images come from nature, history, and pure fantasy. The results are sometimes whimsical, other times haunting, always beautiful. When he’s not taking his craft on the road, Roger can be found in Los Angeles.
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Thomas Bradley

A true Portlander by residence and temperament, artist and designer Thomas Bradley produces works as quirky and brilliant as the city he calls home. His portfolio includes poster art, album covers, apparel art, photography, and even typography. You can usually catch him hanging with friends at Studio 7K, and the mysterious effort they call Pizza Friday.
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Troy White

His background in the action sports industry makes designer Troy White a natural for Yana. With a strong emphasis in the surfing and skateboarding fields, Troy’s resume includes work for Nike, Vans, D.C. Shoes, Dragon Alliance, and Billabong. He’s equally at home doing freehand illustrations or planning brand strategies. Troy works his magic from his home base in Los Angeles.
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