Balsa Wood Surfboards

Beautiful wooden surfboards. Handmade in the USA by master craftsmen. 

Balsa Wood Surfboards Quiver 2

Balsa wood surfboards in stock:

Big Wave Gun | Malibu Longboard | Mini Malibu Fun Board | Rocket Fish | Mod Fish

Classic Collection

The Yana classic collection combines proven balsa wood surfboard shapes with beautiful, handcrafted detail and eco-friendly materials.

Signature Series

Yana signature series balsa wood surfboards are designed in collaboration with our team riders. A portion of the proceeds from each signature board are donated to the charity of each rider.

Maya Gabeira Limited Edition Balsa Wood Surfboard

Custom Balsa Wood Surfboard Shapes

Do you have a specific balsa wood surfboard design you’re looking for? Our shapers have decades of experience building custom balsa wood surfboards. Whatever shape you have in mind, we can work with you to design and build it for you as a balsa wood surfboard. Fish, Hull, Short Board, Step-Up, Gun, Egg, Mini Malibu, Log, Stand-Up Paddle Board. Call us or drop us a line and we’ll get your dream balsa board dialed in.

Design a custom balsa wood surfboard

Chambered Wood Surfboard Design Process

Learn how a balsa surfboard is created. From the coastal forests of Ecuador to our design and shaping team to finished surf craft.

Balsa wood surfboard design process


  To speak with someone please call us at  (800) 525-6731  and get your questions answered about a custom balsa wood surfboard.


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