Limited Edition Maya Gabeira Surfboard

Maya Gabeira loves the ocean. Yana Surf is creating 100 limited edition Maya boards. A portion of each sale will be donated to Oceana for protection of our ocean environment.

Yana Surf balsa wood longboards are custom designed to your specifications and hand-shaped by our master craftsmen and design team. Longboards are chambered construction and built from choice Ecuadorian balsa wood. Custom art work, nose and tail blocks are standard on most designs.

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  To speak with someone please call us at  (800) 525-6731  and get your questions answered about a custom balsa wood surfboard.

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Board Length

9'0" – 9'8"

Board Width

22" – 24" – final specs determined by rider weight, height and surfing level

Board Thickness

2.5" – 4" – final specs determined by rider weight, height and surfing level

Fin Configurations

Single, 2 + 1, Tri, Quad, 5 fin

Fin Box Options

FCS, Futures, Glassed On

Design Options

Pure Natural Balsa Wood, Custom Colors & Stains, Custom Graphics, Inlaid Materials, Wood Carving, Burned in Designs, Pretty much anything you can dream of!

Glassing Options

Standard Glass, Eco Glass


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