About Balsa Wood

George Robinson george_contact_loresBalsa wood is an excellent material to build earth-friendly surfboards.

The history of using balsa wood for surfboards dates back to the Hawaiians, but balsa became more popular starting in the late 1930’s. Balsa wood is light AND strong, making it an exceptional choice of material for green surfboard construction.

Before foam core surfboard blanks became readily available in the 1950’s, surfboards were predominantly built using balsa wood. However, balsa could not be made into entire surfboards until after WWII when fiberglass was invented.

With the heightened consciousness around the use of greener materials and construction methods across nearly all industries, wood is now making resurgence as a preferred material for premium surfboards.

Beyond its floatation and flex properties, balsa wood has a very high strength to weight ratio, which translates into highly durable surfboards that will last for many years longer than traditional foam core surfboards.


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